Adrien Taquet: “The web can also be a source of danger for young people”

The #BetterWeb project is now available in video! In this first episode, we received the Secretary of State
Adrien Taquet, to talk about child protection in the face of the dangers of the web.

18 September 2023

Adrien Taquet is Secretary of State for Children and Families at the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, he shares his vision of a better Web. One of its missions is to protect children from harmful content online. For example, he recommends raising parents’ awareness without making them feel guilty. Adrien Taquet presents the platform, a solution to help parents better protect their children from the dangers of the web.

The protection of the youngest from the dangers of the web is an essential issue for Qwant. That’s also why we created Qwant Junior, the search engine that protects children. On Qwant Junior, children find age-appropriate content and can explore the web safely.

#BetterWeb is a program of Qwant, the search engine that respects your privacy. A long format interview can be seen here.

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