French startups are coming forward!

Whether it’s vaccine policy, teleworking, social ties or international scientific collaboration, the health crisis has reminded us of this forcefully…

18 September 2023

… Digital tools are our best allies to show resilience, respond effectively to the challenges of our time and actively prepare for the future of society.

More than ever, the next French presidential election must be an opportunity to bring the economic, social, environmental and educational issues of digital technology and new technologies to the heart of the public debate, within a framework of action dear to Qwant: that of European digital sovereignty.

This is why we support with a contribution the publication of the “Manifesto of French startups” by the association France Digitale, alongside many other players in the French digital ecosystem.

This Manifesto is not a first: a previous edition had already been published for the 2017 presidential election.

For 2022, the time has come to move up a gear to consolidate the French ecosystem and bring out true European champions capable of carrying the long-awaited sovereign European digital model.

This passage will not happen without a strong political will: this Manifesto is a real “Swiss army knife” for decision-makers, offering them concrete and operational solutions, supported by quantified and rigorous observations, nourished by examples of innovations and reinforced by international comparisons.

Qwant is fully associated with this approach to make digital technology an essential theme of the next French presidential election.

I download the Manifesto

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