Qwant, it is those who choose us who speak best: AG2R LA MONDIALE chooses Qwant

At the end of October, no less than 5 to 6,000 employees switched to Qwant while the deployment is not yet finalized. A real plebiscite!

18 September 2023

AG2R LA MONDIALE, the specialist in social and patrimonial protection in France for more than 115 years, is not really a mutual like the others.

As Pascal Martinez, its CIO, says: ” In all our decisions within the Group, we try to be respectful of the main principles related to digital sovereignty. AG2R LA MONDIALE is a social protection group that processes the sensitive data of millions of French people on a daily basis, so it is essential for us to build, through our IT partnerships, a trusted, sustainable and responsible information system. ».

It is with this conviction that AG2R has redesigned its digital infrastructure and decided to switch its 10,000 employees to Qwant.

“In September 2019, we launched a study of 120 of our employees because we did not want to impose a change but they told us which search engine was closest to AG2R LA MONDIALE’S VALUES.”

And the choice was clear: ” Qwant is a French nugget whose shareholding is European but it is above all a more ethical and secure search engine and it is really these aspects that have won the support of our employees “.

At the end of October, no less than 5 to 6,000 employees switched to Qwant while the deployment is not yet finalized. A real plebiscite!

The world of health and social protection is changing today,” observes Jean-Claude Ghinozzi, CEO of Qwant. « For AG2R, the right to make mistakes does not exist and the data they handle on a daily basis must be protected. We pride ourselves on allowing them to focus on their core business and ensure the complete security of their data. Thank you to the employees of AG2R LA MONDIALE for the trust they have placed in us ».

AG2R LA MONDIALE thus joins the movement for a better web in the image of many other VSEs, SMEs and mid-caps, as well as large emblematic groups that have chosen to adopt Qwant as their default search engine.

The choice of Qwant by private players like AG2R, but also SAFRAN, Engie, Thales, BNP Paribas, Societe Generale, SNCF Transilien, Bank of France, Agricultural credit, Allianz, MGEN etc. is an important recognition of Qwant’s technological and commercial qualities and its ability to offer a credible alternative that protects privacy, offers a panoramic and neutral view of the web and contributes to European digital sovereignty.

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