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On 10 November 2021, the General Court of the European Union took the decision to reject the appeal filed by Google following its conviction by the European Commission in the Google Shopping case.

18 September 2023

As a reminder, in 2017, the European Commission decided to fine it with a fine of 2.42 billion for the preferential treatment of its own price comparator, to the detriment of that of its competitors. Preferential treatment being considered discriminatory and therefore prohibited and condemned.

Beyond the particular case, this decision is historic for at least two reasons.

  • On the one hand, it sends a strong signal to digital players, and in particular the giants: obstacles to competition and abuse of dominant positions can, must, are and will be sanctioned by the regulator.
  • On the other hand, it contributes to the collective awareness of the losses and damages caused to society in a digital world dominated by giants that still too often stifle innovation and the emergence of alternative solutions that bring freedom for the user.

Like many European actors, however, we note the slowness of investigations and legal remedies, and we follow with interest, the work of the European Union on new legislation to finally propose a framework for fair development for American giants and European challengers.

Qwant is also closely following the draft regulation (DSA/DMA) which provides for obligations and prohibitions accompanied by dissuasive penalties. The text is currently being discussed by the European Parliament and Member States.

Finally, it should be noted that the reality of the digital economy is that of an ecosystem made up of innovations and disruptions. That is why we must strengthen and apply more effectively the measures that promote these freedoms.

At Qwant, we will continue to be committed to the fundamental rights of individuals and businesses, in particular respect for the right to privacy and the freedom to innovate.

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