How to limit tracking on Linkedin?

Designed for the professional world, LinkedIn nevertheless remains a social network.

18 September 2023

Like most matchmaking services available today, it features trackers. But it is possible to limit tracking on Linkedin to make the most of these services without becoming the target of trackers.

Protecting your privacy

Go to privacy settings:

  • Uncheck the options that are checked by default
  • When multiple options are available, choose the “only visible to me” option

Limit ad tracking

Go to the dedicated page

  • Uncheck all the options checked by default!

Protect your private conversations

Open the page:

  • Go to the “Who can contact you” tab and uncheck the “Allow LinkedIn partners to show you Sponsored InMails?” tab as well as “Allow others to send you InMails?” if you do not want to be contacted via Linkedin messaging.

To protect your privacy, try the Qwant search engine that does not collect your personal data.

For more tips on protecting your privacy, follow Qwant on its social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) and join the Qwant Club on Telegram to exchange with our community.

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