Browsers that respect your privacy

Qwant advises you 3 web browsers to use to protect yourself on the Internet

18 September 2023

To browse the internet, we need to have a device, use a browser, and then search for websites through a search engine. Every step is essential and a wise choice will allow you to better protect your privacy. To use Qwant, you must first have a browser and we advise you to use one that respects your privacy as much as possible. In this article, we recommend two:

Firefox: It is likely that you are already familiar with this browser. Founded in 2003 by the Mozilla Foundation, it became a leader in the 2010s. Firefox is a browser that we highly recommend. In addition to being open source and developed by a foundation (not a private company), Firefox is distinguished by its privacy-friendly positioning. The software has built-in tracker blockers and offers many extensions to protect yourself.

About Firefox:
Creation date: 2003
Place to create: 🇺🇸
Founder: David Hyatt & Blake Ross and many volunteers
Owner: Mozilla Foundation (association).

Brave:This is probably one of the most popular browsers in recent months. Created in 2016 by Brendan Eich, inventor of JavaScript, this browser blocks trackers and advertisements from websites by default. You will now know which sites are trying to follow you. The company stands out by offering its own advertisements, in the form of notifications, and pays you in BAT (a cryptocurrency created by the company) in exchange for viewing them. To ensure the stability of the software and its rapid evolution, Brave relies on the source code of Chromium, the open source browser developed by Google.

About Brave:
Creation date: 2016
Place of creation: 🇺🇸
Founder: Brendan Eich
Owner: Brave Software, Inc.

Epic:less known than Firefox and Bravo, Epic is nevertheless a very good browser in terms of privacy and protection on the Internet. It has several similarities with Brave: blocking ads by default, Chromium-based code, and deleting many tracking cookies. Its particularity of Epic is that it does not save history or your passwords to ensure maximum security.

About Epic:
Creation date: 2010
Place of creation: 🇺🇸
Founder: Alok Bhardwaj
Owner: Hidden Reflex

Other browser choices are also possible but Qwant cannot be used as a search engine.

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