#BetterWeb 03: Guillaume Chaslot – AlgoTransparency to break filter bubbles

In this third episode, it is the turn of Guillaume Chaslot, founder of Algotransparency, to share his vision of a better Web, without algorithmic confinement.

18 September 2023

Several times a month, we will receive a web expert to discuss what could be improved. Hence the name, #BetterWeb!

In this third episode, it is an engineer passed by Google, YouTube and Microsoft who comes to talk to us! Guillaume Chaslot presents his AlgoTransparency project to regain control over algorithmic bias. He wants to make everyone aware of what algorithms recommend and why they lock users in filter bubbles. According to him, this phenomenon is largely responsible for the polarization of ideas. He also presents his vision of a better web in this long-format interview.

#BetterWeb is a program of Qwant, the search engine that respects your privacy.

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