Who said? "Technology can only benefit society, citizens and consumers if it respects their privacy, autonomy and freedom to choose and understand it".

The users of Qwant? Qwant? staff members The co-founders of Qwant? Yes, but not only. And fortunately.

80 of the world's most dynamic business leaders, startups and NGOs also say so and say so again! They believe that innovation, technology and the economy must be at the service of the common good and human progress. This is why they have committed themselves to sign the Tech for Good Appeal launched by the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron.

It is easy to talk about the common good. Doing it is difficult but... possible! Especially if the signatories make verifiable commitments for concrete actions in favour of education, parity and diversity, the future of work, social and economic inclusion and environmental protection.

For all these values, at Qwant, we did not hesitate to join and sign the Tech for Good Call. We were sensitive to the guarantee that these actions are for everyone, everywhere and that they want to "preserve an accessible, free, open, secure, resilient, interoperable and unfragmented internet, a contributing common good of humanity, which guarantees trust, security and peace in cyberspace" (Text of the Appeal).

As you know, Qwant is already committed to several actions that are in our DNA and that are the reasons why you already trust us. Progress and the common good are among the few things that increase when they are shared. You can count on us.

This commitment in this Appeal is further proof of our promise to tell you everything. You know everything about us and we know nothing about you. That is the way it is. And we are proud of this, your privacy and freedom of thought are absolute and not subject to haggling.

Innovating? Yes, but... only because it is for the common good.