Nowadays, every click, like and RT is scanned, analyzed and sold to advertisers. The vast majority of social networks use this method. This is the case of Twitter, which analyses your use on its site in order to offer targeted advertising, thus more lucrative on its platform.

Tracking has become so much a part of the Internet that users think they can't escape it. However, there are methods to keep it to a minimum and to be able to refuse to see targeted advertising. Qwant has therefore concocted a tutorial to limit Twitter tracking.

Secure access to your account

Go on your account settings :

In the Security part :

  • activate the “Set up login verification”
  • tick the “Password reset verification” box

Protect your tweets and you account

Go on your safety settings :

In the Privacy part :

  • tick the “Protect your tweets” box
  • untick the “Tweet with localisation” box
  • click on “Delete location information” button
  • click on “Do not allow anyone to tag you in photos”
  • untick “Let others find you by your email address”
  • untick “Let others find you by your phone number”

Disable data customization

Go on your safety settings :

Click on “Edit” next to “Personalization and Data”

  • click on “Disable all”
  • go to the bottom of the page and click on “Save changes”

All boxes should be untdicked.

Protect your DMs

Go on your safety settings :

In the “Direct messages” part :

  • unbox “Receive Direct Messages from anyone”
  • unbox “Send/Receive read receipts”