The Christchurch Call is a commitment by governments and technology companies to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online. It is based on the belief that a free, open and secure internet offers extraordinary benefits to society. Respect for freedom of expression is fundamental. However, no one has the right to create and share terrorist and violent extremist content online.

The Internet is a fabulous playground for exchange, knowledge sharing and openness to the world. However, algorithms must not be a gas pedal for the propagation of violent content online.

In the presence of 15 Heads of State and the world's biggest digital players, Jean-Claude Ghinozzi was able to speak out for Qwant in favor of a web that is respectful of privacy, neutral and impartial:

Our Christchurchcall community is fundamental. Because our responsibilities are total.
Fake News, filter bubbles, digital jail, radicalisation. Can we be proud of our web?
I think so. Even if the worst is possible, it is good to remember that there is an alternative web, a better web.
All together, small and large players, we know how to deliver a secure and open internet.
We, at Qwant, within our European search engine, hold three values to be self-evident: Privacy, Neutrality and Impartiality. They build a better web, a healthier digital ecosystem, and especially to limit intellectual confinement.
One point is to proclaim these three values. An other point is to serve them right.
This is the way Qwant does it.
Qwant is the search engine, from France, that respects your privacy.
We never record your searches. Qwant never uses your personal data for advertising or other purposes.
Let’s me repeat because it may sound unusual in today’s digital ecosystem: we don’t use personal data for advertising or other purposes.
Then, neutrality. We provide our users with unbiased results: we will never shape or control your thoughts and beliefs. No biais, no filter-bubble that distort reality and hamper your ability to make balanced decisions.
At last, impartiality. Our sorting algorithms are applied equally everywhere and for every user. It is a matter of respect and equal opportunities. We want the Web to be visible anywhere, without any discrimination.
With Qwant, you are not a prisoner of algorithms or a victim of self-propaganda.
We do believe in an better web.
A better web is a human right. Let’s claim it ! And as a famous advertisement says: Just Do It!

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