We are very pleased to present the new version of our Better Web platform. A new look, a logo inspired by the great beginnings of the web, refreshing colours, new features, new appointments, and above all, reaffirmed ambitions for the Qwant blog. This editorial project has been fleshed out, it will involve the company's employees, outside personalities, known and recognised, everyday users and is open to formats that we are not expected to use.

Why re-launch Better Web?

Our priority is to live up to our promises and the expectations of our users. Every day, our teams work to improve Qwant's technological independence, to ensure the protection of our users' privacy and to offer a neutral and panoramic view of the web. With real successes, substantial delays, inevitable failures and real good surprises, Qwant has naturally become, in just a few years, the spokesperson for privacy protection, the ambassador of an ethical and responsible internet and the artisan of a better web, embodying humanist and European values and addressing a progressive and alternative vision to the large American platforms that abusively dominate Internet services.

Today, we have the objective of taking on this mission that is ours. To show ourselves worthy of the debate, to contribute in our rightful place, to this great common reflection. We are going to humbly contribute bricks, be they technical, philosophical or simply practical, to continue to build together this credible alternative. But one thing is certain: the web is vast and Qwant cannot pretend to solve everything on its own. So Better Web must become a platform for discussion, a space for exchange where different actors from different backgrounds can come together and make their contributions.

In the end we share much more than a vision of the web together. We cherish the hope of an exciting future, far from the dystopian scenario that seems to stand irremediably before us.

Another future is still possible

There is no need to remind you that the web is now present everywhere. In our lives, in our pockets and in our hearts! It heightens passions, electrifies our emotions and raises revolutions!  The web shapes people's world and influences ideas by making information accessible and democratising knowledge to the greatest number. The reach of the web is unheard of and its impact is still far from being measured. If we want to regain control of our future, it is the web that we must take back in hand.

We see that ethical projects are developing very quickly and this is really good news.  In France alone, this is something to be very proud of. Many projects are real sources of inspiration. It is a real movement that is emerging and everyone's voice counts. If, like us, you would love to be able to read them, listen to them and hear them talk to us about "their internet", we are convinced that you will enjoy joining us on the Better Web.

A work of extension

Fighting for a better future should not be the prerogative of those who master the code. We are all concerned and more and more of you are asking us a wide range of questions about social networks, to protect you on the web and choose ethical alternatives that are credible and work. This is why, on Better Web, we will provide answers to your questions with a popularisation effort. Mastering the tools we use on a daily basis must be within everyone's reach. We also aim to communicate more and better about the work we carry out internally. Whether it be on our projects to develop the Qwant product or on the scientific work carried out by our Research team, which is participating in the global reflection on the future of search engines. This is all information that we would like to share with you.

Finally, you will have understood it through these few words. Qwant changes its tone and evolves with you. We want to get closer to our community, its concerns and take part in the public debate. It's time to start a new conversation about digital, about our values and about our common future. To simply make the web a space that respects you, looks like you and contributes to a better future.